Focus EduSolutions is a dedicated team of problem solvers passionate about higher education. By building collaborative partnerships we work together to create unique learning experiences that drive better learner outcomes. From recruitment and higher education marketing to enrollment management and student retention services, we offer full-service Online Program Management for your institution. But it doesn’t stop there! We have built our reputation on creating custom online courses complete with digital animations and game-based simulations. Focus EduSolutions offers a high degree of visualization and strong design capabilities to meet the highest expectations. We are your partner in success!

    Student Retention

    Student Retention Services

    We don’t just want to understand your students, we need to. We take a deep look at their challenges, strengths, bandwidth, and social resources at both the course and institutional level to identify how they can gain the most from their educational experience attaining their goal of degree completion.

    Strategic Industry Partnerships

    Focus EduSolutions will initiate and facilitate the process for collaboration from program inception and pilot launches. This will ensure we are able to build on a solid foundation for success.

    Course Development

    Course Development and Instructional Design Services

    Great instructional design is critical for the development of today's online courses. Focus EduVaton provides high quality instructional design and course development services to your college or university.

    We employ a combination of personalized service, deep learner experiences, as well as project management to ensure your faculty feels relaxed and managed during the instructional design process. The designers are passionate about developing engaging, student-centered learning environments that unlock today's potential for online learning.

    Online Program Management

    Enrollment Management

    From search, to application and financial aid, to registration and beyond. Focus EduSolutions and our team of experts help you develop and execute a solid enrollment management plan to attract and keep the students best suited to your institution.

Why Partner With Focus EduSolutions?

We practice open, two-way communication for the ultimate success of our partners. From building the project’s initial wireframe to delivering the finished product, we remain transparent and accessible to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

For every e-Learning project, we sets milestones, map content design, and generate visual landscapes that can be viewed on a dashboard. You can trust that your e-Learning systems will be delivered on point, on time, and on budget.

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    Each project starts with a comprehensive analysis of your expectations along with discussions on the scope and sequence of project execution. We assign a point of contact who is responsible for managing the your expectations, setting milestone and the overall execution of the project deliverables at various stages.

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    At the design stage, we start with a general outline. This helps define a structure and enables our User Interface and User Experience teams to collaborate and discuss various design elements that would best fit the need for establishing a fairly robust User Centered Design model of content navigation and layout in each frame. The stronger the design, the better the layout and implementation of the content on the structure.

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    After the teams have established a design structure that meets specifications, the development team begins creating the storyboards and transcripts for each module. Storyboards are developed under the guidance and strict control of the Instructional Designers. The Instructional Designer assigned to the project is responsible for managing the outcomes at each stage, and ensuring that the content being developed adheres to the design layout and the structure established by the design teams in the previous phase.

    Once the storyboards are approved, the animators, graphic designers, visualizers and programmers start the development. All approved voice over transcripts are sent to our recording studio and the voice over artists record the voice over narration.

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    Review and Deploy

    Prior to handing over any client deliverable, the QA team ensures that the content meets the required quality standards. The Internal quality audit focuses on technical and editorial checks that include bias reviews as well. The goal is to ensure alignment to prescribed standards, overall adherence to style sheet and prescribed guidelines and consistency of content layout.

    Our goal is to reduce the iteration cycle at the pre-production levels. By ensuring adequate standardization at various levels, we minimize errors as the product moves through various development stages.

    The project point of contact also ensures that the deliverables are handed over to the client at the appropriate point in time. Any change in schedule is promptly communicated to the client and changes are mutually signed off.
    Delivery of all final products conform to industry standards and benchmarks. We are also responsible for integrating the content to the client learning management systems.

    Our platform and tech support teams ensure that the final product is integrated and launched effectively. We also create application/product usage metrics. This helps us in determining the effectiveness of the use of the product on the client interface/platform.