Focus EduSolutions was tasked to design and develop nine interactive online courses. The course modules needed to include engaging interactivities such as videos with audio voiceovers, graphics, and animations. Also needed was assessments like MCQs, click to learn, drag and drop, and click to reveal.

Courses needed to be developed ADA and 508 compliant as well as pass a rigorous client compliance rubric.

The required course content was expected to be delivered as SCORM and HTML5 packages and uploaded to client LMS. (CANVAS)

Courses are expected to make a marked difference in passing and completion ratio as well as student content retention.

A Closer Look at the Production Process:

The client supplied the course syllabi and learning outcomes in MS Word format. Based on the content provided by the SME, visual storyboards were developed and sent to the client for review and feedback.

Based on the feedback from the client, the storyboards were updated and readied for course production.

The Instructional Designers at Focus EduSolutions:

  • Created lessons, discussions, and the display screens for each module.
  • Identified display screen types that would best achieve the learning outcomes for the course. These
    included interactive elements, as well as summative and formative assessments.
  • Developed each screen treatment to align with compliance standards.
  • Categorized the various screen types to create course maps to help instructors to holistically
    understand the courses.

Project Execution Strategy:

Step 1 – Pre-Production:

Contracting outside Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), identifying assets needed, finding material required, and creation of a custom workflow and risk mitigation strategy

Step 2 – Kick-off Meeting

Workflow strategies, risk mitigation, and client questions answered

Step 3 – Course Design

Course Map creation – identified content covered, alignment with learning outcomes, and multimedia planned. This was then approved by the client.

Step 4 – Production

Developed the course screens, interactives, visuals, and assessments. Focus EduVation also made voiceover recordings and integrated them into the courses. Internal QA processed was initiated.

Step 5 – Final Delivery

Our IT department uploaded the content as SCORM packages and in adherence with ADA / Section 508 standards onto client LMS. Upon conclusion of the process, client compared past outcomes with the outcomes from the new courses.

Final Outcomes:

Developed standard compliant online courses with interactive elements and assessments. The courses also included videos with audio narrations, graphics, and animation. The final courses were delivered to the client in the required HTML5 format. The courses underwent the rigors of an accessibility assessment from the client and passed without revision. After the first semester of use, all benchmarks exceeded desired levels.