Building A Pathway to Success!

Finding the students best suited to your programs is only part of the challenge. You must also be able to ensure they students successfully complete the program. Focus EduSolutions offers Higher Education Student Retention Services to help do just that. Online learning in a technology-rich environment requires a learner to have different sets of skills. Additionally, many students who are taking online degree programs are often adult learners who bring a unique set of challenges and circumstances with them. Setting the proper expectations up front and providing these learners with the right services to ensure their success is important. We provide a service where we assign dedicated degree success advisors to work with each student. These advisors provide individualized support and degree counseling.

The higher education student retention service focuses on degree completion. However, a strategic policy is aimed at the set of expectations unique to students at every level. This is critical, as there are new challenges each year and the student, hence the need for a varied and comprehensive policy that addresses all aspects of student retention. All goals are strategized towards building a strong and credible career pathway that has a meaningful correlation to the student’s chosen major. Industry participation in events at the institution at regular intervals re-enforces the commitment and resolve of the program which helps build the confidence of the student to complete the program successfully.

We leverage the power of technology and the cache of human experience to drive meaningful solutions that are unique to each student retention program within the institution.

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