Success is in the Details

There are a multitude of activities that fall under higher education enrollment management. From search to registration, our enrollment specialists are prepared to facilitate the services that are required to find the best candidates for your program and guide them through the entire process. Our research-based approach helps to create the ideal student profile so that we can target the best audience and communicate a value proposition that will resonate. As the prospective students inquire about the programs, our highly trained specialist walk the candidates through the application and financial aid process and then support them all the way through to class start date. Our Higher Education Enrollment Management teams are lead by a Director of Enrollment, who is primarily tasked with executing the policies and practices that are enshrined in the student enrollment charter. The Executive team is also regularly required to customize and deliver on marketing and program development strategies.

An important factor leading to the success of a healthy, balanced and highly competitive enrollments is based on the unique collaboration with the internal teams of our academic partners. We engage groups on both sides of the aisle that can only benefit from shared insights emerging from experience and best practices from the past. Diverse market penetration strategies including extensive social media campaigns and direct marketing initiatives form an intrinsic part of the enrollment goals for our academic partners.

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