The Subject Matter Expert involvement in a project will be variable based on the project schedule and required workload and the availability. The project is a collaborative effort that includes the design of learning content, assessments, and other additional learning resources. You must have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Economics and three years of work experience in Economics or related field. A terminal degree and work experience in the subject or a related field is preferred. Higher education teaching experience, as well as previous experience in developing online courses for students, would be preferred.


  • Master’s Degree required, Ph.D. preferred
  • 3-5 years curriculum development experience required
  • 3-5 years higher education level teaching background preferred
  • Quality Matters training is preferred

The SME assignments are contract positions that are part-time, temporary or on an as-needed basis only. The SME is a remote project-based, 1099 contractor position.

Expectations from Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Expert Assignments: Online Course Development

  • Audit of existing course and assignments using provided rubric to evaluate material and to make sure new lectures properly scaffold material.
  • Content Creation:
  • Subject topics to include:
  • Overview of economics
  • Applied, practical introduction to macroeconomics and microeconomics
  • Understand how the American economy functions, and what impact changes in the economy may have on the individual and the organization, as well as the impact of the global economy
  • How individuals and firms make economic decisions
  • Understanding key concepts of supply, demand and pricing, as well as average and marginal costs and breakeven analysis
  • Ensure the created content can be processed by Instructional designers into interactive lectures, simulations, online interactive labs, animated videos, quizzes, exams as well as course-wise and summative assessments
  • Content has to be original in presentation, however, open source content can be used as well, and not infringe on any copyright
  • Create rubrics for discussions, assignments, projects, research paper, and case studies
  • Reviews of existing content, storyboards prepared by the Instructional Designers
  • All material must conform to learning objectives and be mapped to them for final review of course materials.

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