Online Recruiting

Today, online learning is becoming more popular than ever before, and rightfully so. Recent studies have shown that students engaged in e-learning learn five times more material than their peers, without increasing their training time.

Despite its effectiveness, however, it can be difficult to figure out how to attract the right type of students to online learning platforms. Online learning is much different than a traditional college program, so the way enrollment teams draw learners needs to be different, as well.

5 Ways to Attract Online Learning Students

As you work to attract online learners to your e-learning platform, keep these things in mind:

1. Use a Market-Driven Program

Market-driven programs rely on careful planning to attract the best learners.

While just creating your program and throwing it out there, hoping adult learners will find it, is a disorganized approach, researching your competition and market provides a streamlined way to attract interested learners.

Remember to adjust your marketing approach as your program changes and grows. This will keep your program fresh and on-point.

2. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for New Niches

Until recently, college has been the standard in learning. As such, many e-learning platforms believe there are few new niches to explore. This is incorrect thinking, but it’s also your opportunity to differentiate yourself from similar programs.

By keeping your eyes open for new niches, you can tailor your programs to the type of learning your students want and need, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

3. Increase the Speed of Your Responses

When online learners inquire about your programs, they want information as quickly as possible. With this in mind, do what you can to decrease your response times to would-be learners. The faster you can be with your responses, the more likely you are to recruit interested learners.

4. Offer Tuition Planning Services

Once students find your program, at least some of them are going to need additional assistance planning for tuition. If your platform offers this, you’ll have a much easier time recruiting new students. With this in mind, enlist a team of skilled tuition planners to help your students walk through the process.

Ensure your team covers things like the interactions between admissions and financial planning offices, tuition procedures and upfront payments to provide a streamlined student experience.

5. Be Proactive About Matching Students to the Right Programs

Since e-learning is new for many students, lots of them will have questions about which programs are right for them. Be sure your team has people on staff to evaluate learner needs and help them find the programs that are best suited for your needs.

When you provide this guidance early on, it boosts the effectiveness of your recruiting and retention program. Your students are more likely to get the education they desire and feel supported throughout.

Helping your students plan for success is one of the best ways to support their learning and make integration with your program as streamlined as possible.

Smarter E-Learning Starts Here

Recruiting students into online learning programs has changed in recent years. When you take into account the needs of current learners, and the changing landscape of the digital environment, it’s easy to create a functional and attractive e-learning program that appeals to your students and meets their educational and personal needs.