Focus EduSolutions is a strategic venture of Focus EduVation, Inc., which is a part of the US $20 Billion online education market. Over the past decade, and after having built over 95,000 hours of online content, Focus EduVation continues to harness emerging designing tools along with a team of superior content creators to enable a new era of teaching and learning. There has been a shift in recent years and Focus EduVation has recognized these trends. Recruiting and retention of students is becoming increasingly challenging for institutions of all sizes. Curricula is changing to address competency-based learning and workforce readiness. As a result, Focus EduSolutions was born. We are still a provider of e-Learning Solutions, and in our pursuit of building strategic partnerships with colleges and universities as well as industrial thought leaders, Focus EduSolutions offers Online Program Management (OPM) services, which enable our partners to overcome the challenges they are facing in the ever-changing academic landscape. Our portfolio of services includes, but not limited to design and development of competency-based online courses, strategic market research, enrollment management, and retention services. Our services are tailored to the needs of our partners, and supported by a process of continuous improvement resulting in better student engagement leading to a higher level of student retention.

Core Values

Speaking to learners in a meaningful and fresh way is at the heart of what we do, and is the key to our success. Our real value addition to any project comes from our core beliefs.

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Our Culture

For every project we follow a clearly mandated process that starts with the you establishing your goals and objectives. From there, our team will brainstorm solutions and work with instructional designers to enhance and elevate the original idea. A team of specialized reviewers will fine-tune the ideas before handing them over to our animators and designers. From here, the project will be developed and brought to life. Throughout the entire process there are QA procedures in place to ensure alignment with established educational standards. We also work to involve you during the development process so you will always have opportunity to provide feedback.

Meet Our Team

Focus EduSolutions Leadership

Anirudh Baheti

President & CEO

Anirudh is the Chairman and Executive Leader of FEV’s global parent company: The Focus Group. The Focus Group excels at providing solutions that contain a blend of innovative technology and high quality, scalable services to meet emerging and current market needs. The Focus Group’s most recent success was its healthcare venture, Focus Infomatics, which pioneered the use of cutting edge speech recognition technology and scalable medical transcription services to serve more than 200 premier healthcare corporations and hospitals nationwide. In 2007, Focus Infomatics was acquired by Nuance Communications (NUAN) to bolster their $400M Healthcare Division. Nuance is a global leader in digital speech recognition and its technology is behind Apple’s Siri.

In 2008, Anirudh founded The Focus Group’s two online learning divisions, Focus EduVation and FEV Tutor, in the same entrepreneurial spirit after noting many parallels in the K-12 learner market as it related to Online/Blended Learning, Education Technology and 1-to-1 learning initiatives for student achievement. Anirudh holds a Bachelors of Business Administration (BA) in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin.

Vik Aurora

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Vik Aurora comes with over 26 years of proven cross-functional leadership experience in the education management industry.

As a first-generation entrepreneur and at the age of 20, Vik started his career in the education industry and had never looked back. He has a multi-domain experience and has worked in information technology, human resource assessment with a particular concentration in behavioral competency based retention and e-learning.

Vik always thinks Big and believes in leading teams by example.

In his dictionary, Nothing is impossible as long as there are clear goals that need to be accomplished. He comes across as a strategic thinker and a tactical executionist and has built strategic alliances and strong relationships with the major stakeholders in the education industry.

Vik has an MBA in Global Business and Leadership from Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore

Anne-Marie Fiore, Ed.D.

Higher Education Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Senior Lead

Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore has over 20 years of experience in K12 and higher education. She has worked as a subject matter expert, instructional designer, and professor for courses in curriculum and instruction, emerging theory and technology, as well as  systemic change. At Focus EduSolutions, Anne-Marie is the higher education curriculum and instruction specialist. Her work is mainly in the Online Program Management (OPM) space where she assists colleges and universities with online course and program design, re-design, and development.

For 15 years, Anne-Marie worked in public schools as a Director of Technology and Network Administrator. She led technology transformation in 1 of 100 school districts recognized by the White House at the first National Connected Future Ready Superintendents Summit. She was awarded with the Extreme Exemplary School Award for implementing a 21st learning environment by stimulating 24×7 learning, facilitating individual instruction, and encouraging curricular growth. In 2015, Dr. Fiore was named 1 of 100 Top Social K-12 Tech Leaders on Twitter by the Huffington Post.

Dr. Fiore has three education degrees; music education (B), school leadership (M), and curriculum and instruction (D), as well as a business degree in networking and computer management. Her doctoral research explored the role of network infrastructure on technology integration. Understanding the role that the network infrastructure plays in an educational environment ensures that institutions will give instructors the necessary technological resources for student success.

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