A Partner in Success

There are many reasons why students continue their education beyond high school. According to the Sodexo University survey, 73 percent of students state that they pursued a degree to improve their job opportunities. For this reason, strategic industry partnerships are a crucial part of ensuring students are ready for the rigors of the workplace. According to a study commissioned by Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), the gap between skills employers seek, and the skills students have upon graduation are substantial. “When it comes to the types of skills and knowledge that employers feel are critical to workplace success, large majorities of employers do not feel that recent college graduates are well prepared.” (AACU).

To help overcome these discrepancies, we forge industry-specific partnerships that synergize with the curriculum and the content of the program. These relationships result in graduates who have achieved the competencies, which employers are looking for and graduates who are workforce ready. Another benefit of these partnerships is they provide a ready pool of degree candidates. When programs align with employer needs, they become fertile ground for employees seeking career advancement.

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