Higher Education Marketing Video

Online retailers, banks, restaurants — all of these companies use video to increase brand exposure and generate new leads. Now, universities and colleges are investing in video, too. These schools upload promotional videos to their websites to advertise higher education courses, attract students and staff, and boost engagement. In fact, 86 percent of universities and colleges have a presence on YouTube [1]. If you are responsible for marketing at an educational institution, here’s why you should use video.

Why Are Marketing Videos So Important for Colleges?

HIgher Education Marketing Video is still one of the most powerful outreach strategies out there. Despite recent technologies — social media, blogs, mobile apps, etc. — video will engage your students and staff like no other platform. In 2017, online video will make up a huge 74 percent of all online traffic, while 55 percent of the population will watch video online every single day [2]. Moreover, 45 percent of people watch video on Facebook or YouTube for more than an hour a week [3].

As a result, more colleges are utilizing this technology. “[Our] marketing department develops a broad range of videos designed to support the college’s strategic marketing, recruiting, fundraising and image building goals,” says Meredith College [4]. “The videos produced by the marketing team tell compelling stories and are then distributed through various platforms including broadcast, YouTube, social media and the college website.”

What You Need to Know

Want to create marketing videos of your own? There are a few things you need to know:

  • Keep it Short. Viewers favor short videos over long ones. Also, viewership tends to drop as a video progresses. Therefore, place your most important information at the start of the clip.
  • Upload Your Video at the Right Time. When it comes to uploading your content to your website or a video sharing platform, timing is everything. Currently, the most popular viewing time for videos is Wednesday between 7-11 a.m. PST [5].
  • Keep Making Videos. Once you’ve uploaded a few videos to your site, don’t stop. Forty-three percent of people want more video content from marketers in the future [6].

What Should You Include in Your Marketing Videos?

College marketing departments primarily use video to advertise courses and facilities to prospective students. However, you can use video to engage with your existing students and staff. Here are some colleges that have effectively incorporated video into their marketing strategy:

Harvard University

In October 2013, Harvard University uploaded a video called “Anything Could Happen at Harvard” to their YouTube channel [7]. In the video, viewers can takhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5pKtnmHTxge a virtual tour of the college and experience undergraduate life. This clip has more than 800,000 views.

University of Chicago

You can also use video to inspire people and raise funds. The University of Chicago recently started a campaign to support students and faculty members by reaching out to 125,000 alumni. Viewers discovered more about this fundraising drive through a YouTube video [8].

University of Pennsylvania

Why not use marketing videos to chronicle important college events like student orientation week, commencement speeches or graduation? The University of Pennsylvania, for example, creates visual content and uploads it to their YouTube channel [9]. These videos have a dual purpose: They engage with current students and serve as a marketing tool for new students.

Video helps you realize your marketing goals. Use this technology to engage with students, optimize staff recruitment, drive revenue and increase exposure across multiple platforms. If you still haven’t invested in video marketing, now’s as good a time as any to start. Good luck!


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